How to: Get your D-link N150 wireless adapter to work.

Sometimes apparently simple things turn out to be a little bit harder than expected, among those is usually the use of USB wireless adapters. Everyone in the community will always recommend you to check, when you’re about to buy new hardware, if it works out of the box with Netrunner. While that’s undoubtedly a wise advice is clearly meant for people who already use Netrunner, newcomers don’t buy new hardware to test it (at least not the majority of them) they just install it in the current PC. So if you have a D-Link Wireless N150 USD adapter (dwa-125)¬†and you’re… Continue Reading

The quest for a dock

I’ll confess something: I like docks. Am I weird? I don’t know, although if the three most popular operating systems in the world are any indicative the answer is no. In the last two years Canonical created Unity, which includes a dock-taskbar hybrid, and Microsoft followed suite, and then Gnome 3, and almost all other Desktop Environments have some sort of dock. Needless to say, Apple uses a dock in Mac OS X. But not KDE. While reproducing Microsoft’s hybrid taskbar is as easy as pie finding a dock is rather hard. Not to sound negative, what they’ve done is… Continue Reading