Opinion: More than visuals

Recently, a new team composed by extremely talented designers was formed. Their goal? Design the visual appearance of KDE 5.  Known as The Visual Design Group (VGD), they will ultimately design what will become the default look. There’re relatively newcomers on the group as well as old faces, Nuno Pinheiro the lead designer behind KDE 4’s Oxygen iconography, Plasma and desktop theme among them. Just as exciting, perhaps even more, they’re asking the community to be more involved in the design process, you can participate and share your own thoughts, drafts and mockups at the KDE forums. So far so good…. Continue Reading

Column: Thank you Ballmer. An open (source?) letter.

Thank you Ballmer. Thanks to your bright leadership Microsoft is better than it has ever been. Stocks have gone up incredibly in these few days since you announced your retirement, stock holders know about your incredible job so they’re just giving you a few millions as a parting gift. Look, I know it has been a bumpy ride and  running a multinational conglomerate with over 100,000 employees is something I can only begin to imagine. I do think I’m adequate at looking at data and judging software though. Under the command of the now philanthropist Bill Gates, previously known for… Continue Reading

Open Source transportation

More precisely, Musk’s Hyperloop OSS transportation. Just in case you don’t know who Elon Musk is let’s start by introducing one of the most amazing innovators and entrepreneurs of our time. Musk is a man who once asked himself: What are the “important problems that would most affect the future of humanity?”. Whatever the conclusion it would define the rest of his life, “one was the Internet, one was clean energy, and one was space”. Co-founder of PayPal, the most popular service to send and receive payments online from all over the world. Co-founder of Tesla Motors (obviously named after one of his… Continue Reading

KDE TeaTime Video-Podcast

KDE TeaTime (KTT) is a new video podcast ran by a bunch of KDE developers who at some point decided to make their private ramblings and discussions in the open just like the software they develop. Right now KTT uses Google Hangouts, because it can be streamed live on YouTube, so everyone can watch it live. The format is around 25 minutes for one episode and one episode planned per week. The content of KTT is going to be different each time but always related to KDE. Each time a main topic is set and will be discussed live about… Continue Reading

Akademy 2012: Conference sessions

While LaKademy, the first ever Latin American Akademy, is happening in Brazil, the biggest KDE event of the year has announced its preliminary conferences schedule. Akademy, set to start on June 30th in Tallinn, Estonia, will feature KDE developers from all over the world, including personalities like Aaron Seigo himself. While it may seem far away, people interested should start looking for a place to stay, organizers themselves give a few recommendation in Akademy’s site. This is Estonia’s first time hosting KDE’s biggest event, so local developers have put together a video introducing the community of the beautiful Scandinavian country. If you want to check… Continue Reading