What’s new in KDE 4.10

KDE’s transition from 3.5.x to 4.x was a traumatic experience for many users, many regressions happen and there’s a general consensus among observers that 4.x was released prematurely, an opinion not shared by some developers that argue they needed feedback and bug reports. Thankfully those times are behind us and I can assure you that the next big revision of KDE will not be traumatic at all, it will be exciting and stuffed with many new features. We will talk about the move to framework 5 and Plasma 2 as they get more mature, but today let’s enjoy a new… Continue Reading

Tutorial: Virtual Desktops

Having multiple Virtual Desktops will be something new for the majority of users migrating from Windows.¬†For them Virtual Desktops will seem like a very novel idea, despite them being first implemented in 1986 on the Xerox PARC under the name “Rooms”. Most users I’ve seen usually try to use and make them a natural part of their workflow because the advantages are obvious: A less cluttered desktop which should result in a faster operation, in which you can spot and organize your apps easier. On practice, most of those users stop trying to make Virtual Desktops part of their life… Continue Reading