An old school gaming paradise

If you  like gaming Linux is not yet the best option, most new triple A games aren’t released for it. Indie games, on the other hand, are being ported and released to Linux more and more often, and the trend will undoubtedly continue. Steam for Linux (which ships installed with Netrunner) and SteamOS have a big chance at fixing this. What doesn’t need fixing is the availability of top notch emulators. Last month an open source “emulator” was released for Mac OS X, it’s main characteristics are that it has a pretty user interface, you can run games from many different systems and… Continue Reading

Editorial: The problem with more and more choices

Every time someone dares to mention Linux suffers from some unnecessary fragmentation, someone eventually appears claiming Linux is all about choice. “Choice is what makes Linux better” or any number of equivalent statements. We could even dare to formulate Godwin’s law open source analogue: As an online discussion involving Linux grows longer, the probability of someone stating Linux is all about choice approaches 1. Let’s start by dissipating a common misconception. Freedom and choice are not synonyms A slave given two choices for who will become his master isn’t more free than a slave with a single choice. When the FOSS… Continue Reading

Review: Netrunner 13.12

After a very short delay the new version of Netrunner has arrived. All the new features and changes introduced on Kubuntu 13.10 are also part of Netrunner 13.12, so our review of the latest of version of Kubuntu is pertinent as well. But there’s much more than just Kubuntu in Netrunner. What’s new? The new Homerun Kicker (Main) Menu This is probably the first thing users coming from 13.06 will notice. Netrunner has abandoned the classical style kickoff menu for a new more modern one called Homerun Kicker. But fear not: Netrunner didn’t jump into the bandwagon of replacing self-explanatory… Continue Reading

They called it Trinity

As a kid, I loved Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies, especially the Trinity series. Still, even then, the speech always felt stilted and weird. It was only years later that I discovered that it was all in Italian and dubbed in English. Like learning Santa ain’t real. So what has this got to do with the Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE)? Well, everything. The sense of disillusionment that happened when KDE 4.X came out, the attempt to revive a classic in an age that prefers a different kind of experience. Yup, it’s a remake of the old and trusted KDE… Continue Reading