Calligra 2.4 released

Later today Calligra, after just over two years of existence, will reach version 2.4, it’s first stable release intended for regular users.

Calligra is a suite of applications, a continuation of the KOffice Project. The set of application goes from productivity to graphical design:

Productivity applications:

  • Words: Word processor (formerly KWord)
  • Sheets: Spreadsheet program (formerly KSpread).
  • Stage: Presentation program (formerly KPresenter).
  • Flow: Flowchart program, (formerly Kivio).
  • Kexi: Database application like Microsoft Access.
  • Plan: Project management (formerly KPlato).
  • Braindump: An infinite canvas to dump images, words and graphics into (brain storming, flowcharts, etc).

Graphics applications:

  • Krita: Drawing application for multi-layered pixel-based images.
  • Karbon: Drawing application for multi-layered vector images.

As Calligra is a suite instead of a set of independent programs, all applications share libraries, modules and the same Graphical User Interface Guidelines (GUI design), including the concept of dockers (e.g. Dolphin’s sidebar), which allows users to customize its GUI to their liking. Moreover, all Calligra applications are compatible with ISO standards, enabling users to share and edit its documents with almost all applications in the market, it’s also compatible with de facto standards like Microsoft Office’ formats.

Calligra aims to release a new version approximately every 4 months. If you want to test it out, it should hit Project Neon repository soon, just add ppa:neon/ppa to your sources.

Source: KDE Blogs (Boemann)
Calligra’s Official Site

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