Review: Kubuntu 12.04

Every six months all members of the Ubuntu family get updated. Every six months new features are added, bugs are corrected, new apps get in, some apps get off. Some releases come once every three years. Long Term Support (LTS) releases must be more stable and polished than usual, there’s less room for experiments, this versions are meant to be used for a long time and by users on enterprises or managing systems that require as much stability and longevity as possible. Moreover, Kubuntu 12.04 isn’t just another LTS, it’s also the last Kubuntu version with the lead developer Jonathan… Continue Reading

Muon Suite 1.4 alpha released

The first alpha of the upcoming 1.4 version of Muon has been released, in our series about package managers we presented in detail. The most prominent new feature is Muon Discover, this feature is being developed by Alex González under the sponsorship of Blue Systems: Kubuntu’s new sponsor and Netrunner’s too. Muon Discover aims to eventually replace the Muon Software Center, but not in this version. It offers a new way to install and find new software at the same time it offers a good user experience, full with animations, good looking transitions and screenshots, this is achieved thanks to… Continue Reading