Linux and the Go-To-Market strategy

Linux has yet to achieve a significant piece of the PC market, unlike what it has done in the mobile space. So the question is why doesn’t it happen in the PC industry? Some people argue that Linux is too hard, or that it doesn’t have all the apps people need or all the games or what have you, they will quickly point out that there’s no Photoshop, or Premiere, or Skyrim. But is that true? Is that the reason? That seems unlikely considering how small is the percentage of users that actually care about any of those apps, for… Continue Reading

Introducing LXDE

Let us be non-mainstream. In the world of Linux desktop environments, Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE) is not your typical first or second choice. Most people will mention Gnome, KDE, perhaps Unity. You may have heard of Cinnamon and MATE lately, and Xfce is also a solid, longtime niche player. LXDE keeps slipping under the radar. The thing is, without decent financial backing by the big names, it is very hard creating and maintaining a robust and bug-free desktop environment that can address the needs of the common user, if a Linux user can ever be classified as common in… Continue Reading

Ubuntu for phones: Teaching the tech giants how is done

Is probably no mystery by now that I follow the mobile industry closely so I was naturally very excited when Ubuntu for phones was announced back when the year was one day old. Much has been said in those days, mostly about what a fierce path is ahead of Canonical if they want to impact in any significant way the market and while I have a lot to say about that I rather write today about something happier, namely that Ubuntu for phones has done what Apple and Google couldn’t: Designing a button-less touch interface. Before getting into the praise… Continue Reading