The Linux display saga

The title of this article may be slightly misleading. What I want to talk to you today is the looming battle between Mir and Wayland, and there’s no better time to do that than right now, a few days after the latest edition of the Ubuntu family has been released upon the world. Now, we did talk about Wayland before, but it was more of a technical discussion, closely following another one on Qt, and how it might make Linux big one day. And then, just a few days back, we discussed what is wrong with Linux, and there’s gonna… Continue Reading

Review: Macbook Air 11.6 (mid-2013) for Linux users.

Apple’s ubiquitous Macbook Air line has become synonymous with lightweight, portable and yet relatively powerful computer, the latest version is Apple’s attempt at making it a synonym of all day battery life. Thanks to Intel’s amazing new Haswell architecture achieving over 9 hours of battery life is feasible on laptops. The 11.6″ Macbook Air is in my opinion a very interesting proposition: Is not a lot bigger than an iPad, but is way more functional, has a proper keyboard, and the battery life is actually better than it is on the tablets if you limit yourself to iPad-like tasks. The… Continue Reading

Review: Kubuntu 13.10

The new version of Kubuntu has arrived right on time. Since is probably the most popular distribution out there after Ubuntu, it’s the vehicle in which most newcomers get to experience KDE.¬†Unlike some previous releases 13.10 doesn’t make many user facing changes, most of them are pretty small, yet is always wise to remember that tiny changes add up over time. Whats’ new? Revamped Network Manager This is perhaps the first thing users upgrading from Kubuntu 13.04 will notice. The old interface was a bit clunky, it showed information most users don’t care for and wasted quite a bit of… Continue Reading

Installing Kubuntu on the Macbook Air 11.6 (mid-2013)

Installing Linux on most Windows PCs is a fairly straightforward process, you just insert the disk or plug in the USB stick and you follow the on-screen instructions, on Macs things are a little bit more complicated. The reason is most PC models from most manufacturers use BIOS, machines using UEFI are more and more common everyday, but for the most part they don’t pose too much of a hassle, things are a little different with Apple and is very custom EFI that doesn’t comply with the official specification. Installing versions of any distribution prior to Linux 3.11 will result… Continue Reading

Eight things that Linux could do better

We all love Linux, right. Or at the very least, we like it a lot. Well, we’re using it. Seriously though, this operating system provides us with an intellectual challenge, efficiency and satisfaction that we do not encounter elsewhere. However, that does not mean our favorite toy is perfect. When blinded with science and love, it is quite easy to forgive mistakes and problems, and that is exactly what we’re not going to do today. We will discuss a handful of big, glaring issues that plague Linux, and how their resolution would make it so much better and fun for… Continue Reading