Linux inside: Basic chroot

In the tutorials to install Kubuntu on a Macbook Air we created what are known as chroot environments. As you will soon discover chroot environments can be used for more than fixing the grub. What is a chroot environment? The root directory of your system is the top directory. On Linux the directory is self-explanatorily set to / creating a chroot environment is merely the act of changing the apparent root directory of a process, hence Change root. This creates a sandboxed environment, your chroot session can’t access your regular root directory and therefore it can’t access your home folder either. To… Continue Reading

The hunt for the perfect distro

Do you know what this article has in common with the fairly popular book and film called The Hunt for the Red October? Well, nothing really. Except the word hunt. Now, let’s clarify a few things up front. First, there is such a thing as a perfect distro. You’ve seen me declare one or two before. However, that’s given our reality as it is, with limitations and whatnot. But what if there were none? Second, as we explore this pseudo-virtual reality where anything is possible, I’d like to give you my take on what the perfect distro truly is. Not… Continue Reading

Seven more things that Linux could do better

A few weeks back, we talked about a bunch of things that Linux could do better. A total of eight sore points. Does not sound like a lot, really, and surely, it does not cover everything that might need fixing in Linux. Some of you also remarked that most of the items also apply to other operating systems. Sure thing, but it’s our favorite bunny we’re discussing here. Anyhow, since there’s still more wrong to be fixed and good to be bettered, let’s follow up with a sequel. To wit, this article, and we’ll have a go at a few… Continue Reading

How to master Linux the proper way

In order, for you, to become a master of Linux, there are two things that need to happen. One, you need to invest time studying Linux. Two, you need to do it the right way. Now, a six hundred and eight dollar question. What is the right way? So let’s say you meet all the preconditions of being someone interesting in expanding their knowledge of Linux. There are many paths, as many as there are distributions, spins, forks, and graphical environments, all combined, to you reaching that level where your skills are admirable. Moreover, you may decide to pursue a… Continue Reading

The Linux display saga

The title of this article may be slightly misleading. What I want to talk to you today is the looming battle between Mir and Wayland, and there’s no better time to do that than right now, a few days after the latest edition of the Ubuntu family has been released upon the world. Now, we did talk about Wayland before, but it was more of a technical discussion, closely following another one on Qt, and how it might make Linux big one day. And then, just a few days back, we discussed what is wrong with Linux, and there’s gonna… Continue Reading

Eight things that Linux could do better

We all love Linux, right. Or at the very least, we like it a lot. Well, we’re using it. Seriously though, this operating system provides us with an intellectual challenge, efficiency and satisfaction that we do not encounter elsewhere. However, that does not mean our favorite toy is perfect. When blinded with science and love, it is quite easy to forgive mistakes and problems, and that is exactly what we’re not going to do today. We will discuss a handful of big, glaring issues that plague Linux, and how their resolution would make it so much better and fun for… Continue Reading

So I heard you want to try Linux

We have all been there. Our first attempt at Linux. And we have all forgotten it. The human mind does a wonderful trick of glossing over less glamorous details, forgetting boring ones, heightening trauma and success, making us believe that our journey to becoming special, i.e. Linux users, was a fairly trivial man-it-up ordeal. We have long lost the touch with reality, which is, most people have no darn clue about operating systems, especially not one named Linux. Today, I would like to try something rather impossible, or at the very least, in the words of Great Vizzini, inconceivable, sans… Continue Reading

Open Source transportation

More precisely, Musk’s Hyperloop OSS transportation. Just in case you don’t know who Elon Musk is let’s start by introducing one of the most amazing innovators and entrepreneurs of our time. Musk is a man who once asked himself: What are the “important problems that would most affect the future of humanity?”. Whatever the conclusion it would define the rest of his life, “one was the Internet, one was clean energy, and one was space”. Co-founder of PayPal, the most popular service to send and receive payments online from all over the world. Co-founder of Tesla Motors (obviously named after one of his… Continue Reading