Kubuntu finds a sponsor: Blue Systems

For those who don’t know Netrunner  is based on Kubuntu and sponsored by Blue Systems. From 12.10 onward Kubuntu will be sponsored by Blue Systems too, this comes after Canonical decided to focus all their resources to Ubuntu and its Unity-based interface, ending Kubuntu’s official status as part of the Ubuntu family. Kubuntu will continue to be a community driven project, and a successful one. Being the most used Linux operating system in Brazil, it’s no wonder why the Latin American flavor of Akademy will be happening in the country of samba and bossa nova. Blue systems is also the… Continue Reading

Qt 5 first alpha released

Nokia just released the first alpha of Qt 5.0. For those who aren’t aware, KDE 4.x is developed using Qt 4.x. This marks a new cycle on KDE: The path to KDE 5.x.  According to Nokia what drives the development is the following vision: “Qt 5 should be the foundation for a new way of developing applications. While offering all of the power of native Qt using C++, the focus should shift to a model, where C++ is mainly used to implement modular backend functionality for Qt Quick.” Among the many new features, Qt 5.x includes will have a completely… Continue Reading

Tutorial: Mastering APT

We already peeked at APT’s history on our first Linux Inside and took a tour on Netrunner’s default suite of APT’s front ends on Visual Guide: Muon. Today we want to take a look at the back end itself. Using the command line has many advantages,  it’s faster once you the hang of it. The first thing to know is APT needs superuser permissions for some actions, this is a security measure, so before executing some APT command you usually need to invoke sudo Using sudo is really easy, you just put it before any command [app] you want to give… Continue Reading

Review: Muon Suite

On our first Linux Inside we not only explained the origin of and what package managers are, we made a very specific case: Linux, hand to hand with APT, was at least a decade ahead of the competition. Such a powerful advantage ought to be exploited. Muon Suite is set of applications designed to deal with APT ranging from a user friendly, and incidentally less powerful, interfaces to advanced interfaces. If any reader is uncertain about what APT is, we recommend reading our previously mentioned: Linux Inside: Package Managers. Muon Software Center As can be seen in the previous screenshot… Continue Reading